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About us

Welcome to MFP

Maqsood Faisal Printing Press (MFP) is one of the operational units in FRIA (Ferozepur Road Industrial Estate) – LAHORE. This Industrial Estate is the oldest Industrial Estate equipped with several diversified industrial units in operation. Maqsood Faisal Started its journey 30 years back in the field of Printing & Packaging from a single printing unit in Offset Printing.

Establishing confidence in the business community and developing a range of customers, tends to capitalize on the area of Printing. Maqsood Faisal Printing Press is the reality of the endless struggle of Chairman Haji Maqsood Ahmed (Late). It was a milestone towards prosperity and poverty alleviation to create ease in the life of the community. This unit has now turned into an irrefutable packaging complex. Many customers are in business ties. The Customers are in their comfort zone to enjoy all the facilitated facilities to meet its requirement under the same roof.
After setting several milestones and meeting the success, MFP kept track of its growth.

Being a family-oriented entity, the unit is now being governed by CEO – Mr Mahmood Ahmed, Technical Director – Mr Faiz Ahmed and Finance Director – Mr Ishfaq Ahmed
The company has extensively contributed towards the provisions of opportunities and employment generation to make ease and prosperity to the community, nearby.

Maqsood Faisal Printing Press does believe in Fair business principles by keeping behind any elusiveness and immutability in business ties.

Company has also, enlisted itself as a member of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry to build up a forum to care for the interests of the industries for economic growth.


The company is offering the products for Packaging after Printing. Offset, Flexible Printing and Packaging is the Prime Products of the business. With the increasing opportunities Label making and Plastic Laminated Tubes has emerged to facilitate the needs and expectations of the customer under one roof. The company is equipped with Technology, manpower competency and capacity

MFP is in strong commitment “NOT TO GO AGAINST NATURE”
Now no harmful emissions are being generated to air and wastewater. Posing no threat to Environment. Emissions are being monitored as per Environment Protection Act and found to be within the NEQS specifications.


Do the right things at the first time to manage customer satisfaction at its doorstep by providing the products suitable for its intended use and meeting the regulatory compliance.


Maqsood Faisal Printing Press is aspiring to align all the activities to gear up the pace of Industrialization, Economic growth & Prosperity by focusing on poverty alleviation and exploring new business horizons.

Core Values

Core values are to be considered as the strength of the company. Rituals reflects the face of the company. MFP does believe in due diligence for fair presentation by keeping in view

  • Self- Respect
  • Family Values
  • Dignity
  • Work force as an asset


  • Blown Film Extrusion is another horizon to explore at the new site.
  • Tissue Paper Convertor
  • Plastic Laminated Tubes

Production Department

MFP is in the practice to use the best quality of the raw materials from the Preferred External providers. The basic theme is “how good quality outputs can be produced by the use of inferior quality inputs” External Provider is evaluated on the basis of its consistent performance.

The customer provides the design to stimulate the production process. Printing cylinders are prepared accordingly. Approval of the Epson from the customer is sought from the customer. After getting approval, production planning is put on the way. The transformation of input into output is finally inspected by the Quality Assurance department for releasing the final product. Dispatching of the product to the customer at its doorstep is carried out safely as per the defined schedule.

Currently, we are manufacturing a wide range of products for packaging pharmaceuticals, food items, chips, biscuits, confectionary, cosmetics, etc. Built-in production capacity is embraced with state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality standards have brought self-reliance on our capability.

Capacity and Capability

Monthly capacity of different departments are as follows: